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Hello! My name is Irina and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my family and my cute Ragdoll boy named Lenny.

My parents migrated to Australia in 1985 when I was just 6 years old and 2 and a half years later they were able to bring me and my twin sister over to Australia. I write a bit about the time spent without my parents in my 2 books: My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey and My Natural Weight-loss Recipe.

The 2 and a half years spent without them wasn’t easy. It was hard because it was a communist country and my parents fled the country. As a result our parents and grandparents did not tell us where our parents were going. They had to keep it a secret so that the secret police wouldn’t find out and then our parents would be in trouble. The ‘not knowing’ where our parents are and if they will ever be back was killing me.

If I would get in trouble for being naughty, I would go to a room where my grandma had a picture on the wall of my parent’s wedding and I would climb on a chair to reach the picture so I could give them both a kiss. My grandparents lived on the main road of the village and I would find myself almost everyday sitting outside our gate and looking towards the left where I knew mum and dad would always come from that direction. But….they never turned up…

Our mum’s parents took care of us during this time in a small humble village in Romania. My grandfather’s parents were still alive so we spend those years with both grandparents and great grandparents. It was beautiful to spend time with them and learn from them. i still treasure those memories as the most beautiful memories of my child-hood.

Fast forward to 2014 where I was in my 30’s, feeling miserable, heavy and sick due to the extra weight I was carrying. I finally decided it has to stop and i have to take my health seriously. This is when I began my final weight-loss attempt to reach my goal weight. I wrote a book about my journey so that I could have it there to remind myself of the horrible 18 years of struggling with obesity and yo-yo dieting and if ever I find myself going down that path again, I wanted to have this book as a reminder and as a guide to get back on track. I also decided to write this book to leave behind as legacy for my 2 children. I wanted my book to speak to them when I am no longer here.

Family and friends found out I wrote a book and of course they wanted to read it. They all loved it and started telling me to sell my book because it can help so many people out there that are going through the same struggle as I was going through. After months of nagging….I decided to list it on Amazon. Shortly after, I wrote my second book.

I am passionate about health and wellness and I love to use  natural nutritional products, skin care, personal care, household cleaning and laundry products. After suffering from migraine headaches for years, I have discovered that certain minerals are missing from my body as well as the harsh chemicals in my household cleaning products were bringing on these vicious migraines and vomiting.

A good friend of mine on Facebook shared with me some natural products she was using to improve her quality of life and her health and of course I embraced it with my whole heart. Another friend of mine shared with me a company that manufacture safer household cleaning products as well as laundry products, personal care, skincare and nutritional products and again, I embraced it with all my heart.

The result? I no longer suffer migraines after I clean my bathrooms, showers and my floors. I no longer feel nausea and almost an instant headache when I open my fabric softener and detergent to add to my washing. I no longer get skin outbreaks from the skin care I now use or feel nausea and slight headache when I put my moisturizer on every morning and night. 10 years ago, I never had problems like this but as the years went by, I started reacting to chemicals in products I used daily like skincare, personal care, household cleaners and laundry products.

I now understand that we must approach health in a holistic way. Everything we put on our skin affects our health because the skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs whatever we put on it within 15 seconds. So putting nasty chemicals and ingredients on our skin will soon affect our health. I have experienced this. Same goes for the detergents and fabric softeners and laundry brighteners/sanitizers we use in our washing.

I am passionate about helping others so I have decided to start this website/blog and share the products I use daily. I only share the products that have made a difference in my life and health. I would NEVER recommend something that I am not happy with.

One of the company I am with, you can purchase products straight from the links I share and/or sign up as a preferred customer to save 30% – 45% off retail price.This company has nutritional products, weight-loss products, personal care products, natural make-up, natural skin-care.

The other company I am with, which has the nutritional, skin care, personal care, household cleaning products and laundry products, you can only have access to it if I take you through our company presentation first. So if one of my recommendations is about products from this company, I will always ask you to send me a friend request on Facebook and then I can take you through the short company presentation (required by the company) and after that you can decide if it’s for you or not. NO PRESSURE! Just me sharing our awesome & safer online shopping alternative for your everyday products that you buy anyway.

Of course you are not obliged to purchase from my links. If you know of someone that sell products from these 2 companies then just purchase from them or go straight to the company website. Either way, I will always keep sharing the products, the benefits and be here to answer questions 🙂

Thank you for reading more about me!

Stay safe and healthy.



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