Protein Shakes for Weight-loss

Protein shakes for weight-loss – This is the limited edition of Arbonne Stawberry Vegan Protein Shake.

Today I will share my thoughts on protein shakes and how it can be very handy in weight-loss. Whenever you hear of protein shakes you may be thinking that you are punished to replace 2 meals a day with a protein shake for 6 months, every day right?

Well not exactly…. and I wouldn’t recommend that personally. First of all, you will get sick of drinking protein shakes twice a day, every day for 6-12 months (or until you reach your goal weight). This is not something you will likely adapt to as a lifestyle so you will find yourself quitting way before reaching your goal weight.

Having said that, I do love protein shakes and drink them regularly. However, I only drink them on the days when I do intermittent fasting as part of my simple strategy I have put together and followed. Using this strategy I have lost 77 pounds within 15 months and it is part of my lifestyle ever since.

I love protein shakes because it is a scientifically formulated balanced meal, providing you use a quality protein shake. I also choose to drink vegan protein shakes, not because I am vegan but because it is lighter on my stomach. I don’t really do well with dairy and whey based protein shakes.

There are quite a few different vegan protein shakes on the market but unfortunately the taste doesn’t quite do it for me in most of the ones I have tried. The one that I do like and have stuck with is the vegan protein shakes from Arbonne, particularly the chocolate flavour.

Arbonne Vegan Chocolate Protein Shake

The Arbone Protein Chocolate Shake and the Arbone Vanilla Protein Shake are 100% vegan. They provide 20g plant protein per serve to help support muscles and delivers essential amino acids. They also provide more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serve. They do not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners!

I love drinking protein shakes on my intermittent fasting days because I know I am providing my body with a balanced meal and it is also lighter on the stomach and I give my stomach a bit of a rest from the foods I eat daily.

For me this lifestyle provides variety in my daily food choices and is also good to take a break from dairy, bread, cereals etc. This jumpstarts the metabolism and results in more weight-loss.

If you are looking to get results and reach your weight-loss goal, check out my own personal weight-loss journey and my struggle with obesity for 18 years. Learn from my past mistakes and start implementing my simple strategy I have designed and follow daily for results. This allows me to enjoy my favourite foods and always have variety in my daily food choices.

My book is available in e-book format as well, click here to read reviews and get yourself a copy!

Thankyou so much for reading and please share this post with others that you know are struggling to reach their weight-loss goal or just want to get healthier xx

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