The Danger of Weight-loss Supplements

Hi everyone! In todays post, I will share my thoughts with you on the danger of weight-loss supplements.

I am not against natural weight-loss supplements however there is a danger in using weight-loss supplements because of the trap that comes with it.

The danger of weight-loss supplements.

So what do I mean when I mention danger and trap? Well there’s no better way to explain this then using my own personal experience. In my 18 year weight-loss journey book, I share how I have fallen into this weight-loss supplement trap and it is a dangerous thing.

The trap and danger is that when we purchase weight-loss supplements and start taking them, we tend to rely on those supplements to do the work for us and eventually give up on healthy food choices, daily exercise and smaller portions (reduced daily calories).

I share this from my own experience. How many times did I purchase weight-loss supplements and relied on the supplement to do the work. I would lose sight of focusing on healthy food choices, daily exercise and keeping track of what and how much food I eat daily.

Then of course I would not get results and I would blame the supplement, not the fact that I abandoned my healthy lifestyle. Then I would look for a better supplement, the next best thing as they say.

Don’t fall into this trap like I did over and over only to get heavier and miserable due to my hopes being crushed all over again and returning to food for comfort.

I had to learn so much, I had to change so much and I share my journey with you in My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey. I share everything I did to finally reach my goal weight and lose 77 pounds within 15 months and keep it off.

Once again, I am not against natural weight-loss supplements. In fact I will dedicate a page on this website to list a few very good products that I use daily because they really make my journey easier. I now conside natural weight-loss supplements an extra tool, a bit of a boost to the weight I am already losing by following my simple strategy. The supplements simply make my journey easier but they will never ever give results if we rely on the supplements alone.

Thank you for reading and if you have found this post helpful please share it around and help spread this post 🙂

Thanks again and be safe out there xx

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