Reviewing a wonderful book I finished reading

Dear readers and followers of my blog… Today I am going to share my thoughts, a review you could say, of a wonderful book I just finished reading. It is titled “God is Able” and written by: T. S. Thompson

God is Able book review

This whole book is based on just 1 single Bible verse which is 2 Corinthians 9:8

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work”

What can I say…this book came into my hands at just the right time, especially due to this pandemic and the third lockdown here in Melbourne, Australia.

It is amazing how the author managed to break down this verse, choose key words such as ‘Abound’ ‘Grace’ ‘Sufficiency’ and ‘all things’ and wrote 19 chapters based on just this one verse putting emphasis on abound, grace and sufficiency.

This opened my eyes as to how we can learn so much just from 1 Bible verse if we are willing to dig into it with an open and humble heart and apply it to so many areas in our lives.

You may think…what does this have to do with health and nutrition? Good question actually!

You see, I believe in holistic health, meaning, mind, body and spirit have to be healthy and in harmony with God our creator. You may have different beliefs and that is ok, we are all free to choose what we want to believe. However, I choose God who created the universe, earth, sun, moon, water, air, oxygen, animals, plants, herbs and lastly humans. It is with humans that he ended his creation and crowned it with it’s glory.

I believe in staying in close connection with our creator and in harmony with him. He gives us peace of mind, peace in our hearts and hope.

Another verse that the author touched on is the one that says that God is a God of hope. We must never lose hope and if we hold on to God and his promises in his word, we will not lose hope. Hope is healthy, the opposite of hope is dispair, anxiety, fear. That will bring on sickness and disease.

Here is a snapshot of a beautiful Bible verse that she mentioned in the book and that is so needed in the times we live in….

Here Jesus confirms that in the world it won’t be easy. There will be trials and hard times but if we put our trust in God, just as Jesus always trusted his father, we will overcome anything that comes our way, including this pandemic. Nothing is impossible with God or to God. Jesus overcame the devil and conquered death.

Here is another verse she mentioned…

Jesus again promises us peace, perfect peace!! He knew what we as humans go through and yet he said not to allow our hearts to be troubled…sad…afraid. He said if we go to him, he gives us his peace, not just peace but HIS peace. And we know his peace is perfect peace. Isn’t that wonderful???

So, if we have the peace of Jesus in our hearts and are of good cheer (happy in Jesus and trusting him always), then our health will improve greatly, our mental health. If our mental health is good then it will transfer onto our body. The health of our body and organs is in close connection with our mind. Therefore, poor mental health will lead to poor organ and body health. It is all connected and God is the best one to go to because HE created us and HE is PERFECT!

Back to the title of the Book – God is Able….Oh yes, he is. I have experienced his power in My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey. I knew my last attempt to finally reach my goal wasn’t an easy road. I decided to take God with me. And wow….what a result – 77 pounds withing 15 months and kept it off for 2 years.

After the 2 years, I learned the saddest news that my precious mother was diagnosed with cancer. Following was the saddest 2 years of my life, watching her battle cancer, go through 2 surgeries and chemo. I would go help her, do her housework, cooking and spend time with her. Seeing my precious father heartbroken, broke my heart even more.

This caused huge stress on me, I also had my own family to take care of and all while carrying in me a heavy and broken heart. Just a few months before I had listed my 2 books on Amazon and then ended up taking them off, I couldn’t cope with promoting my books, I had a much more urgent task at had, to take care of my precious parents.

After 2 years of battling cancer, my precious mum was in remission. They had both decided to go overseas to our home country for a visit, to rest, to change scenery…and who can blame them?!

On the 3rd of Sep 2017, they left for their holiday. After just 4 days of arriving there, they had both tradgically passed away together…in a tradgic way, Dad just 63, mum just 62 💔. This has changed my life forever. The trauma, the shock, the heartache…. I was never able to welcome my parents home, feel their hugs, hear their voices…etc….

This has caused me to increase my antidepressant dosage and I had put on 15kg. Stress, medication, heartache and low motivation to even be alive… has destroyed me. But, because I kept holding onto my Lord for strength, slowly slowly…I was able to get up, try to put my broken body and heart together with God’s help and start taking care of my health again.

Because of the way they died and the amount of time it took us to bring them back to Australia to bury them here, we were not able to see them. It took me 6 months after the funeral to even accept that they have died and that it was my parents in those caskets. Then after 6 months of finally accepting that they are not coming back from overseas alive, the grief set in. That went on for another 8 months and then came the anger, unexplainable anger 💔. Having said that, I was never angry at God, I did ask him ‘why?, why Lord?’ and he gently whispered “You will know in heaven and when you will learn why, it will make perfect sense to you”.

That was the moment I started to slowly heal from the anger and put my faith in the beautiful promises in the Bible. Promises that we will meet our loved ones in heaven if we love God and follow in the steps of Jesus. We will live alongside our loved ones forever with no more tears, pain, disease, sickness and death. I also embraced the beautiful promise that the death we experience here, is a deep sleep. My parents have no more pain, no more worry and when Jesus returns to take his children home he will call their names and they will hear his voice and arise out of their graves and meet Jesus in the air.

Regarding the 15 kg I have put on through these painful and traumatic 4 years, I have started following the strategy I share in my book and I am back on track again and of course I took God again with me on this journey. I was glad that I didn’t put on all the weight I had previously lost, which was 35kg (77 pounds). That is because to some extent, even through the pain and trauma I went through, I had still stuck to the healthy habits and lifesryle I had adapted, which I share in my book.

I have re-listed my books on Amazon again and I will pursue my passion and dream to help, inspire and motivate as many people as I can to take back their health, their life and live a better quality of life, a happy, healthy and peaceful life 💗

This is what the author of ‘God is Able‘ will go into as well. She goes on to say that God is able to help us abound or you could say succeed ‘in all things good’ just like the verse says.

This includes weight-loss because it is a struggle against temptation to eat unhealthy foods, comfort foods, junk food, which makes us happy temporary and leads us in a never ending vicious cycle. God is able to help us and give us strength and renew our mind so we can see things differently and then be able to make healthier choices. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the foods I love, I still do but it’s the strategy that I teach in my book, along with mindset and other simple steps, which have helped me reach my healthy weight goal that will help you lose weight, without dieting and while still enjoying your favorite foods.

God is Able, is a wonderdul book for those that do believe in God. It will help you find new strength and hope in God and see his unfailing love for all his children, even those that don’t believe in him. If you are someone that does not believe in God, I still recommend this book, it will open your mind, open your eyes to the God you have perhaps always misunderstood. This book will help you get to know him so much more. He is a God of mercy, hope and unconditional love.

Thank you so much for reading and stay safe and healthy! xx

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