How to be positive in tough times

Dear readers, today I will share my thoughts on how to be positive in tough times. There is no doubt that we are all going through a very tough year. 2020 has been very tough for people around the world. We can’t say it’s been tough just for a few countries, it is all around the world. I personally, have never been through a pandemic in my lifetime so for me it has been tough, it has been strange and it has changed the way I see the world right now.

Having said that, the toughest year for me was 2017 when I suddenly lost my precious parents. They were young and had many years ahead of them but I lost them suddenly in a tragic way. What’s worse is that they had just gone on a holiday in our home country to rest for a few weeks and just 4 days after arriving there, barely getting over the jet lag, they passed away.

So 2020, even though it is a very tough year…I always say ‘It could be worse’ and these 4 words right there help me to keep going and get through. We are now in our 3rd lockdown and 4 weeks have passed since this 3rd lockdown started and we have 2 more weeks to go as of today. It was a tough one this one, we are only allowed to travel a 5km radius around our house and we have a curfew where we are not allowed to be outside the house between 8pm and 5am. Also, we are allowed to go for grocery shopping only once a day and only 1 member of the family can go.

Fur babies teach us so much love, patience and simplicity – in other words, be content in any circumstance

So how do we stay positive in such times? I haven’t seen my sister and brother, nieces & nephews for weeks. I haven’t been able to see my physio for my neck massages either because of the 5km radius rule. Once again, I tell myself ‘It could be worse”. All I can do is call loved ones and friends and I thank God that we have phones and can call, message and even video call. I also thank God for my little fur baby, my precious boy Lenny. I adopted this precious boy 5 months after my parents passed. He was 8 weeks old when I picked him up.

Baby Lenny in early 2018

He came from a very messy household. When I picked him up he was full of flees, ringworm and was much smaller for his age and his fur was very unhealthy due to  the flees. He was the last of the litter, sort of like the ugly duckling that nobody wanted. All it took was for him to look at me with those innocent blue eyes and I had to take him home. At the time I didn’t even know he had all those health issues and flees. I soon found out when I brought him home, I took him to the laundry where I had prepared his litter and little bed, water bowl and food. I had light colored tiles in the laundry. I left him on the tiles to go and find his litter and then I noticed black dots on the tiles and they were jumping up and down…and that’s when I yelled out…’Fleas….he has fleas!”

Not long after that, I noticed i was itchy on my arm and I was scratching more and more…and then it turned into a red ring that was getting larger and larger…I never even knew there was such a thing called ‘ringworm’. Then my niece and nephew got it as well, my daughter as well, basically most of us that were holding and cuddling Lenny. Long story short, I had to buy a cage and he had to be confined in a cage for 4 weeks. I had to wear gloves when I was handling him and I also had to call specialists to disinfect all the rugs and couches. It was painful and very hard but when it had all passed…we had this loving, gorgeous boy that was growing and becoming part of the family.

He has grown into such a loving & affectionate boy and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He has helped me so much during this pandemic. I have learned simplicity & contentment from him. He doesn’t ask for much and has taught me to take time during the day to rest and relax my mind from overthinking and worry.

Lenny today 🙂

So all in all…to stay positive in tough times, we must look for positives, we must look for the blessings in our life. They are there all the time. Even if there are 9 negatives and only 1 positive around us, we must focus on that 1 positive and always remember…’it could be worse’ because that is the truth. Let’s be greatful and content for what we have right now in this very moment and focus on that.

Thank you so much for reading xx Stay blessed and safe!

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