The Biggest Mistake in Weight-loss

The biggest mistake in weight-loss? Here it is…from my own personal experience during my 18 year weight-loss journey and battling obesity:

Giving up too soon.

I know…the answer is so simple but it’s the secret to actually reaching your goal. During the 18 years on battling obesity and trying to lose weight, this was my biggest mistake. I would start eating less and making healthier choices, I would start exercising (walking), and I would see results in the first week and would be so happy!

But then….I continued the same thing in the second week and saw no results so I would give up, go back to my old habits and put the weight back again and more. I would be sad, emotional and angry with myself so that would lead me to comfort food. This led to a vicious never ending cycle and I would be miserable all over again.

This all changed in 2014 when I started my final weight-loss journey and I share it all in my book. This time I kept going no matter what. This time i understood that my body is not a robot to work exactly the same every week (or even every day). This time I understood that I must have patience and perseverance. This time I had a simple strategy that I followed and I share this strategy in my book. This time I had a strong WHY, a why that hurt so much. This WHY kept me going on days when it got tough or on weeks where I didn’t lose anything (in fact some weeks I would put on a bit of weight).

But the fact that I DID NOT GIVE UP too soon and kept persevering has got me to the finish line successfully. I had successfully reached my goal weight!

Biggest mistake in weight-loss? We give up too soon.

So always remember to be patient, persevere, have a strong WHY and never ever give up, especially the first 4 weeks of your journey to lose weight. It takes time for the body to adjust, give your body time to get the message that it has to dig into those fat cells and shrink them. It took years for you to put the weight on so you should give it at least a year for you to lose those first 40 pounds.

When you become impatient and ready to give up, ask yourself this question: What will I achieve if I go back to my old habits? The answer is: I will keep going around in the vicious cycle of weigh gain and feel like crap. Is it worth it?? To me personally, no. So you will have to answer this question for yourself and take it from there xx

If you have found this post helpful, please share with others too. Thank you so much for reading. Stay healthy and safe!

PS: If you would like to lose weight naturally without dieting or following complicated meal plans then check out my book in which I share my simple strategy which I have used personally. Using my strategy, I was able to lose 77 pounds within 15 months while still enjoying my favorite foods. I share my18 year personal struggle with obesity and the painful mistakes I have made within those 18 years. You can learn from my experience and apply my strategy and reach your goal weight once and for all. If you know of someone that is struggling to lose weight, please share my book with them also. Thank you so much for your help and support xx

My 18 Year weight-loss Journey

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