Hi there!

I have started this blog so I can share my tips, recipes as well as inspire and motivate as many people as I can to choose health daily because health is most important. Without health, nothing else matters. I speak from my personal painful experience.

I am the author of 2 books:

– My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey

– My Natural Weight-loss Recipe

You can find them on this website & blog on the right-hand side or on Amazon. In these books I share my personal struggle with obesity throughout 18 years and how I finally put an end to it and lost 77 pounds within 15 months. I had to do something as my health was on the line. I decided to write about my experience and little snippets about my childhood in Eastern Europe, just to leave a legacy behind for my children. I wanted to leave a piece of me with them when I am no longer here. Whenever they feel they are lost or not sure how to accomplish a goal, they can open my books and through them find inspirarion and encouragement to pick themselves up and take action.

However, some close friends and family read my books and pleaded with me to publish them and list them up for sale ao that others can learn from my experience and be inspired and motivated to finally take action to better themselves and their health. So after months of trying to convince me, I finally agreed. It wasn’t easy to make the decision to share my personal struggle with obeaity and the life-threatening health issues that come with obesity. I decided to go ahead because I know so many people are struggling with the same issue and if I can help at least 1 person in this world, then it’s worth it.

Thank you so much for reading! If you think others will benefit from my blog please share my website with them. Thankyou so much

If my message and mission resonates with you, I would like to connect with you and get to know you. You can connect with me Via my Facebook Fan page or connect with me on my personal Facebook or Instagram account (below).

I hope to keep blogging, sharing my recipes and inspiring others to make healthier choices daily and live a happier more fulfilled life.

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